Thursday, 21 June 2007

Those Geniuses at the DOJ...

After spending valuable government resources pursuing and flushing out from hide-outs the venerable Senator-elect Gregorio B. Honasan, the DOJ now comes up with a resolution clearing him of coup d'etat charges. Instead of hunting terrorists, military and police intelligence operatives were hunting down the ultimate political opportunist for months. And now, this?

For those who watch professional wrestling, GBH would put Rated-R Superstar Edge to shame. Nobody could do so much damage nary the contrition. He says he always had the best intention for the country. Yeah, right.

Wow, the DOJ must be populated by ultra-just and outstanding lawyers. On second thought, it might just mean their a bunch of idiots down there. Wait, now that I thought about it, it might just be that they're a bunch of mindless puppets whose strings are being pulled from somewhere along the banks of Pasig River.

wasn't it a few months ago that the maverick senator was reported to have met with the President in Malacanang?

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