Friday, 29 June 2007

New SND and amnesty in the making...

Conjuangco scion Gilbert Teodoro has been appointed as the new Secretary of National Defense in place of Sec. Hermogenes Ebdane who was put back in his erstwhile position at the DPWH. Hmm, I wonder what the AFP top brass will think of it. Another outsider, another mighty-tooty lawyer to be under. To be fair, they were kinda impressed with Avelino Cruz way back.

Hmmm, I wonder how long it would take for Sec. Teodoro to impress the armed forces. And maybe, just maybe, having a civilian, a lawyer to boot, back at the helm of the DND will put a stop to the legal brinkmanship being practiced by the AFP in the conduct of its counter-insurgency operations.

Hmmm, another amnesty for coup plotters in the offing? We should expect another round of military adventurism in the future then.


rom said...

who is gilbert teodoro? what has he done that he's being touted as a golden child and possible presidential contender in 2010?

Jaxius said...

Welcome to my world...

Gilbert Teodoro means money being the fair-haired nephew of Danding. He's a bar top-notcher and is the de facto head of the NPC.

What does this mean?


Being a lawyer, a bar top-notcher at that, appeals to the "meritocracy" appeal to the electorate.

As far as his bearing, pary-mate colleagues in the House bear witness to his gravitas and autocritas. Well, it might just be because of his money that his party-mates covet.

His appointment to the defense department may ultimately spell his fate if he wants to throw his hat into the presidential derby. If he can right the sinking ship that is the DND (and god knows how much it needs it, we need it in fact), and let the people know about it, he just might have a chance.

If he proves to be an ultimate failure, all is not lost still. He has planted his foot inside the ultimate cheating machinery this country has ever had.